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I want to make this BIG internet world small and personal

Mar 19 2017

In this "I'm Here to stay" Internet age I want to try to figure out how to engage with you more. Yes, there's Facebook but I'm talking about something more personal.  We have our Birthday Club! If you haven't signed up for that yet, please do.  It's a lot of work sending over 75 birthday cards a month but I LOVE it and I remember how excited I was to get a birthday card in the mail.  Heck, I still am!  So as a part of a regular post to you, I would like to share with you more of my design process, thought process and what makes Blu Pony, Blu Pony.  So here goes!! 
 I can still remember a blue gingham dress with a brightly colored chicken on the bodice I wore to a birthday party. I must have been around 4. There are no pictures of me in it.  I just remember walking up the stairs to enter the house and the feeling I felt wearing that dress. I felt good!  That's what I want Blu Pony Vintage to be for your child.  When she 's wearing her dress, I hope she feels confident and special. 
"We don't just make clothes, we make memories."