About Us

Blu Pony Vintage was established in 2010 by me, Bonnie Matthews.  I had no background in fashion but what I did have was a hobby of collecting kids clothing from the early 1900’s. I loved that these items had lasted over 70 years and could still be worn.  You could see the love and craftsmanship put into each garment. Why weren’t clothes made like this anymore?  It seemed like quality kids clothing from my childhood was no longer (not that I’m from the early 1900’s) and that clothes were being made cheaply and poorly. 

Let’s make good stuff again!  I made it my mission to make top quality clothing for girls that will not only last her through her childhood but will hopefully be shared and loved by many more generations to come.

I started out making the collection in downtown Los Angeles.  Just 8 miles from the studio. What trim and fabric I didn’t end up using in production, I donate to F.I.D.M and use in packing my online orders. 

There is a deep awareness to keep things simple and detailed at the same time.  I hope you can see that in every garment I make.  

 With love,

 Bonnie Matthews